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Transitions In Music

Listening to different genres allows me the ability to be open minded with music creation. Stepping outside the box is where I venture best. While I do prefer Hip-Hop based music, I also like to dabble in other genres as well. From blues, to rock-and-roll, to classical, to edm, and yes..., even country; I like to incorporate parts of all these into my style. I love all music. It is a part of me that will never fade away. Music has had much influence in shaping who I am today.

Along my journey, I have learned many things. Some of those things such as mixing and production I only recently started studying in the past two years. Iron Melody Studios YouTube Channel will be hosting some of my mixing tutorials as well as other areas of interest such as website design, graphics and film animation tutorials for the Do-It-Yourself Home Studio Musican.

Why I Love Music?

I first started tinkering with music about 30 years ago. For me, music gave me a knowledge and understanding of a world I didn't quite understand. I was part of that world, and wasn't very good at expressing myself. Writing songs gave me the courage to talk about some of the bad things that happened to me while growing up as well as the evils in this world that existed around all of us. It was my outlet and continues to heal me to this day. I hope that somehow my music will inspire this same confidence in someone else just as the pioneers of rap did for me. Hip-Hop/Rap when I was growing up, was all about the story unlike what it is today. I like the story. Prefer the story. Stick to the story, and I want to be the story.
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